Allos Environmental, Inc. Announces Acquisition of California Assets

Templeton, CA 1/3/2018 - Allos Environmental, Inc (Allos, Salt Lake City) today announced it has acquired the assets of Chicago Grade Landfill, Inc., located in San Luis Obispo County, CA. The assets include the 188-acre Chicago Grade Landfill (CGL) near Templeton, CA, and the Santa Maria Transfer Station (SMTS) in Santa Maria, CA. Founded in 1970, CGL has expanded to support the growing needs of the local area. SMTS was constructed in 2000 to provide services to the southern communities and companies of San Luis Obispo County.

“It is refreshing to work with a company like Allos which respected and valued our business and our people,” said Mike Hoover, who led CGL for more than three decades.

Allos plans to retain all the personnel from CGL/SMTS and will provide additional resources, such as enhanced gate house and customer service-based software, to the existing operation.

“This acquisition marks Allos’ first step toward establishing itself as a new alternative in the industry,” said Jon Angin, CEO. “We have a very clear focus built around environmental infrastructure and expect to build quality relationships with customers, regulators, suppliers and partners that move this industry well beyond the traditional collection and disposal model.”

Allos Environmental, Inc., is a private environmental infrastructure company committed to a fresh approach inside the very traditional environmental services industry. Allos has completed construction of greenfield landfill in Box Elder County, Utah, that is expected to open in mid-2018. Allos is creating a company with a vision to develop or acquire specific infrastructure assets and services within targeted industry sectors that align with Allos strategies. Fully integrating customers with a state-of- the-art IT platform, Allos will operate with a more efficient management structure while providing “real-time” data to our management, customers and suppliers.

For more information about Allos Environmental, Inc., please visit or email directly at [email protected].