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Allos Environmental, Inc

Salt Lake City, UT

Allos Environmental, Inc is an environmental infrastructure company headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. Its goal is to provide key aggregation, consolidation and disposal facilities built around customer and origin requirements. Allos is a solutions driven company committed to finding environmental answers for our customers. Solutions allowing them access to cost effective disposal and logistics option and real time quality information. Allos is also committed to providing solutions such as rail that reduce the overall carbon impact. The Allos culture is built on seven key elements: People, Purpose, Passion, Trust, Transparency, Serving, Initiative.

Allos Environmental, Inc’s first major project is a large direct rail-fed regional non-hazardous/industrial landfill located in Utah. The project will be the cornerstone of the Allos network providing rail based solutions to key industrial sectors across the Western United States. The facility is uniquely situated directly on the Union Pacific mainline feeding their Ogden yard.

Promontory Point Resources LLC is building a state-of- the-art landfill specifically for local municipal solid waste and non-hazardous industrial waste from within Utah and surrounding states. It will be located on approximately 2,000 acres near the southern tip of Promontory Point, Utah. Our goal is to be a quality resource and valued partner to the Northern Utah community. We see our part in Utah as a promoter of healthy competition while helping to improve efficiencies and reduce risk to local industries, counties and municipalities.

Promontory Point is not just another landfill. Our mission is to build a landfill that utilizes the best available design and technology, operates in the most effective and efficient manner with minimal effect on the people and the environment that surround the facility. Allos/Promontory Point’s location has already encouraged innovation and unique solutions to operational requirements that benefit the facility, the area and the environment. A solar array will be utilized as the primary power source for the facility. In the future, we will capture methane and produce energy products such as “containerized natural gas” (CNG). Our location is close enough for easy commercial access, yet far enough away to minimize the impact on residential communities.