Information Technology

The environmental industry has long been faced with conflicting requirements to integrate new acquisitions, integrate their existing enterprise systems and provide adequate internal and external data for decision making. The result has been the construction of large enterprise systems with many manual connections and delayed information availability. Literally, tens of thousands of data points would have to be addressed to convert their systems to existing cloud technology. The allocation of funds required to address all of these conflicting requirements have been economically non-viable.

Imagine being able to get a full approval with the appropriate pricing and contracts within 24 hours of an electronically submitted profile! Imagine being able to submit an electronic profile and get all the necessary approvals from a remote site location! Imagine planning your remediation transportation requirements based on data from today’s activities rather than 72 hours ago. Imagine being able to see all of your profiles, approvals, contracts, volume and transportation data, all with a single log in through one website.

Allos is not imagining those things. We are building an IT platform based on today’s information technology that will allow us to integrate all our software systems on a cloud-based platform. The Allos Enterprise System has many advantages to our customers, our suppliers and our own management. Some of the advantages are:

  • Accelerated waste profiling and approval systems. Our system will eliminate the need for multiple inputs with a goal of approving appropriate wastes within 24 hours of electronic submission.
  • Because the system will connect all the operating software products, we will be able to provide “real time” data to customers, suppliers and management based on THEIR needs.
  • Access information from remote devices.
  • Aggregated information from multiple operating data points into one easily accessible system.
  • Electronic industrial manifests that require no paper but provide the complete tracking required in some states and likely to be required in the future.
  • Remote creation of manifests avoiding the cost and logistics of shipping large quantities of paper to remote work sites.
  • Accelerated integration of acquired facilities and services. Because of the mapped integration, Allos will be able to download historical data and integrate that data into the Allos Enterprise System. This allows for easy software replacement.
  • Real time data access will allow Allos to avoid typical management bloating coming from growth through acquisition. We will be able to control overhead costs by providing facility, operations, customer service and sales support remotely without requiring increased local staff to manage and translate data into valuable information.
  • Custom invoice production. The Allos Enterprise System will be flexible enough to deliver accurate invoices compatible with existing accounts payable systems. Our goal is to provide a custom invoice with all required backup in an electronic format.

These are just a few of the advantages the Allos Enterprise System will provide. If you are interested in finding out more about our system, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Actionable Insight for the Full Supply Chain

Regardless of industry, there are thousands of electronic data points creating unused information every second the facility is operational.  The Allos Enterprise System can be utilized to consolidate that data and create useful information to help our customers meet their environmental and sustainability goals.