Our Team

Jon Angin

President and CEO

Jon Angin has more than 25 years of experience in the solid waste management and recycling industry, ranging from strategic planning and business development to hands-on operating knowledge. He has taken a leadership role in assisting both municipalities and the private sector in taking their solid waste management strategies to the next level by advocating the elements of sustainability and environmental stewardship through new technologies with an emphasis on customized integrated waste handling strategies utilizing conversion technologies for energy recovery.

Jon’s depth of experience encompasses the disciplines of operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, business development, sales, safety, emergency and disaster management planning and response, procurement and environmental compliance. He has been responsible for the oversight of multi-million-dollar publicly and privately held assets, including a variety of solid waste and recycling collection operations.

Jon has held executive level management positions in the solid waste industry, including North America’s largest provider of solid waste management services. He served as their Northwest Region Vice President, where he was responsible for all of the company’s operations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Western Canada, as well as specialized landfills in California.

Rick Martin

Vice President Sales and Marketing

Rick Martin has over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and general management. The last 20-plus of those building high – performance teams in a variety of settings. Rick has experience in both services and hard goods with a particular focus on services to companies in the industrial and manufacturing segment.

His primary expertise is creating, redirecting, optimizing and leading sales, marketing and customer service organizations. As a Corporate Sr. Director, Rick led a 50+ person Manufacturing & Industrial National Accounts team at one of North America’s largest environmental companies. His teams have consistently embraced and spread a servant leader concept resulting in double-digit real revenue growth, increased overall pricing and stable EBIT levels.

He has been a general manager, an entrepreneur and sales leader in solid waste, hazardous waste, and the electric utility industry. He has direct experience in oil & gas as well as every form of manufacturing. He has developed cutting-edge teams in both hard goods and services.

Brett Snelgrove

Director Utah Operations

A Utah native, Brett Snelgrove has worked closely with companies, governments, and municipalities in Utah and surrounding states on all their equipment needs. Specifically, he has great relationships with all the local private trash haulers and cities. He has used those relationships to help implement many multiyear contracts that provide the best equipment for their needs.

Brett has worked in many different customer-based sales and management roles. He has a great working knowledge ranging from snow plows to garbage trucks. He has successfully and consistently merged company and customer needs to create optimum solutions.

Ann Garner

Director of Technical Services

Ann has over 26 years of experience in the environmental and waste industry focusing on advising clients regarding their environmental, compliance, and waste management needs. Her expertise comes from experiences with an industry leader in environmental services and several environmental engineering companies. Most recently she was responsible for the creation, development, and leadership of a National Technical Service Center, which provides client-focused technical and customer support for national industrial clients.

Her expertise also encompasses managing large industrial site investigations and remediation projects, compliance and permitting for various industries, and development of waste analysis plans. She also has experience in business development and consulting for the geology section of a state department of environmental management. Ann has led both local and remote teams of geologists, scientists and professionals who conducted investigations and advised clients based on the regulations and the client’s specific business needs.

Will Spears

VP Finance

Will Spears has 30 years of waste management and recycling industry experience, including 23 years in financial leadership roles, and seven years in operational leadership roles for an industry-leading company. He also has over 25 years of experience working with and assessing the financial viability of both existing and proposed waste-by-rail operations.

He most recently completed eight years as a financial leader for seven landfills and related transfer stations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Prior to that, he spent five years managing a regional rail served landfill in Oregon. Ranked in the top 10 largest landfill operations in the US, this facility includes both solid and hazardous waste services, managing over 2.5 million tons of material per year.

John Borghese

Director of Logistics

John Borghese has over 26 years of operations experience in the waste industry. Over his career, John has had responsibility for facility management, rail transportation, and transportation logistics. For more than a decade, John has been responsible for all waste-by-rail activities in the Pacific Northwest for America’s largest waste management company. These duties included the planning and management of rail movements to the Pacific Northwest from all the United States and Canada.

At Allos/PPR, John serves as the Director, Transportation, and Logistics. He is responsible for the construction and development of the rail infrastructure at the Promontory Point Resources facility in Utah, as well as, the associated operations for logistics support. John is also responsible for the relationships with the railroads and the analysis of all relevant transportation data.

Kevin Iler

Vice President Operations

Kevin Iler has more than 30 years of operational experience in the solid waste, hazardous waste, and environmental remediation industries across North America and Europe. In his various roles, Kevin has managed numerous high volume waste disposal facilities in Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Birmingham, England. He directed the operating transition of sixteen (16) landfill and ten (10) quarry businesses from a British company to an American company throughout England over a three year period. This experience and expertise have allowed Kevin the opportunity to work with many environmental regulators and community leaders, adjacent to major waste disposal facilities, to develop positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Kevin has held positions of increasing responsibility for managing multi-million dollar waste disposal assets for publicly and privately owned entities creating excellent results. Most recently, he was responsible for managing one of the largest landfill gas to energy production facilities in California generating up to 12 megawatts of continuous electrical power. Throughout his career, Kevin has combined environmental stewardship with sound business acumen to produce a strong financial performance.