Our Story

Allos Environmental, Inc is an environmental infrastructure company formed in 2016 with headquarters in Ogden, UT. Our goal is to provide key aggregation, consolidation and disposal facilities built around customer requirements.  Allos is a “solutions” driven company committed to finding environmental and energy infrastructure answers allowing our customers to meet their own very aggressive sustainability goals. The solutions will include access to cost effective disposal, logistics and technology options.

We are a private corporation with TwinFocus Capital as our primary equity partner. TwinFocus is a family office and investment advisory firm that advises a select global clientele on more than $4 billion in assets. They specialize in building bespoke portfolios and strategically combine legacy assets with exclusive access to unique direct investments in private equity and real estate.

At Allos, we have an enduring respect for the environment. We don’t just protect the environment but use resources and technologies responsibly to improve it. Where methane resources are wasted, we plan to offer solutions to create viable commercial products. Instead of building miles of overhead power lines, we choose to install a solar array to provide power to our Utah project. We choose to implement sustainable solutions rather than talk about what could be.

Allos Environmental’ s first major project is the development of a direct rail-fed regional “non-hazardous” landfill in Utah.  The project is the cornerstone of the Allos network providing rail based solutions to vital industrial entities across the Western United States.  The PPR facility presently has a Class I operating permit and will begin receiving local MSW in mid-2019.  The Utah facility is uniquely situated directly on the Union Pacific mainline fed by one of their largest rail yards in Ogden, UT.  


To create value for our employees, our customers, our partners, our community, and our regulators through listening and acting on what we hear through a focused, innovative and expeditious process.


Be the dynamic new direction needed in the environmental infrastructure space led by talented people passionately serving our customers, partners, and regulators through innovative solutions to old and new challenges.


8 Foundational Elements of the Allos Culture


Create an environment for success in every area of the company that allows our people to perform at the highest levels.


Build a culture where passion is embraced & encouraged ensuring individual ownership of every opportunity & challenge.


Do what we say we are going to do. It's this simple mantra that builds confidence within our company & within our community.


Develop trust through transparency to make our management team unbeatable and to strengthen relationships with our customers & the communities where we operate.


Always working towards doing things more efficiently and effectively to drive success. Never satisfied with the status quo.


Embrace change, new directions & a dynamic environment that encourages innovation to make the next leap. Listen, observe and imagine the future without the constraints of today or the past.


Believe that our purpose and our customers are one in the same. This belief motivates us to always perform at our best.

Servant Leadership

"First be humble" then 1) Listen. 2) Seek to understand. 3) Heal. 4) Be aware. 5) Persuade. 6) Conceptualize. 7) Foresight. 8) Stewardship. 9) Commit to the growth of people. 10) Build community.